Call for Entries

Whitdel Arts x Hatch Present: 8-Bit
Deadline: April 27th, 2017

PDF of the Call

Whitdel Arts is currently accepting submissions for 8-Bit.  Ever since Pong took the world by storm, video games have been a rapidly growing and evolving art form.  Earlier videogames, limited by the technology of the time forced designers to think of new ways of rendering figures. However as the technology evolved so did the art form, with modern games limited only by the imagination of the developer.  8-Bit examines this evolution through the lens of visual art and how style, technology and art interact and influence one another, channeling inspiration from “retro” technology into art.  This exhibition will be held at Hatch Arts in Hamtramck, MI in May 2017.

Exhibition dates: May 13th – 27th, 2017
Reception: Saturday, May 13th

Criteria:   Submissions in all media qualify.  Work must have been created within the last 3 years.

Entry Fee:  $15 for non-members.  Free for members of Whitdel Arts.  A $24 annual Whitdel Arts membership can be purchased through PayPal at:

Submissions:   All entries must be submitted via email.  No mailed in entries, slides or CDs will be accepted.  Entries can be submitted to  

Submissions must include:

Each artist can submit up to 3 works, with one overall jpg image for each work and one detail image for each work, if necessary.  Include each image as an attachment to the submission email.  Images must be in:

  • jpeg format, at least 150 dpi resolution, No more than 2 mb
  • Longest dimension should be at 1000 pixels (maximum)
  • Name each image as follows: lastname_firstname_entrynumber.jpg (example: king_jamie_01.jpg, king_jamie_02.jpg) OR lastname_firstname_entrynumber_detail.jpg

A corresponding slide list in .doc or .docx format must be attached to the submission email.  On the slide list, please include:

  • Entry number, Artist’s name, Title, Medium, Date, Dimensions, Price  

      (Example:  01 – Jamie King, Self-Portrait, serigraph, 2011, 18” x 24”, $200.00)

  • If work is not for sale, please indicate NFS.  If no price is labeled for an artwork, it will be presumed NFS.

A brief artist’s statement, in .doc or.docx format, no more than 200 words.  Please attach the file to the submission email.


Submissions must be received by no later than 11:59pm on April 17th, 2017.  

Artists will be notified of jurying results on April 26th via email.  

Sales:  For artwork sold during the exhibition, Whitdel Arts takes a 33% commission fee of the sales price, regardless of other gallery affiliation.  Artwork need not be for sale.  

Work Drop Off & Installation:

Accepted work must be delivered or hand-delivered to Hatch by May 6th, 2017.  

Artists living in the Metro Detroit area who want to install their own piece are responsible completing installation at least 2 days before the exhibition opening on May 13th, 2017.

Artists living outside Metro Detroit and shipping their work are responsible for making sure their work arrives by April 26th.  Detailed instructions and/or diagrams for installation, as well as any specific hardware, material, etc. needed for installation must accompany the work.  Please include visual photographs of how the final installation is to look.

Artists having their work delivered by a third party carrier are responsible for all shipping costs and insurance.  Return shipping must be included with the work upon its arrival at Hatch.  Whitdel Arts and Hatch will not ship any artwork back to the artists until return shipping is received.  Shipped artwork must come in a sturdy, reusable shipping container; please no packing peanuts or glass.  Please include instructions for installation.  

Whitdel Arts reserves the right to omit any accepted work not ready for installation or if it is not as described in the artist’s submission.  

All artists are responsible for insurance of their work while is it at Hatch between the drop off date and the day it is picked up/returned.

Specific times for drop-off dates, installation schedule and shipping information will be sent to artists via email.  For questions or additional inquiries, please email

Accepted artists reserve all rights of reproduction of their consigned work, provided Whitdel Arts and Hatch may publish photographs of all such work for promotional and/or educational purposes as it may deem appropriate.

Work Pick-up:  Unsold, hand-delivered artwork must be picked up by the artist.  Whitdel Arts will return shipped artwork that has return postage included.  Whitdel Arts will not ship any artwork back to the artist until return postage is received.  After 30 days after the end of the exhibition, any unclaimed artwork, sold or unsold, remaining in the gallery becomes the property of Whitdel Arts.  Whitdel Arts reserves the right to dispose of any artwork remaining in the gallery after 30 days after the end of the exhibition.


April 17, 2017 …………Emailed submissions due

April 26 …………………Notification of jury results

May 6 ..…………………..Accepted artwork due for installation at Hatch

May 13, 7pm…………….Reception

May 13 – 27……………….Exhibition


Artist Checklist:

All submissions must be electronic submissions. You must email the following information to:  Attach each item to your submission email:

  • Up to 6 jpg images (2 per piece of work)
  • Complete slide list, in .doc or .docx format
  • Artist statement, no more than 200 words, in .doc or .docx format
  • $15 entry fee for non-members, new membership ($24), or free current Whitdel Arts members (paid via PayPal)


Questions and inquiries can be sent to

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