CROTCH: Contested Territory

On December 2, 2015


Whitdel Arts is proud to present CROTCH: Contested Territory.   This exhibition is a discussion on modern sexuality and changing gender roles. As society evolves its views on gender the constructs that were once held as “standards” or “rules” have been blurred and expanded.  How much does society’s framing of gender affect how we shape our own identities? From a young age, we are taught that such issues are a private matter, but as these ideas and concepts change and come to the forefront of discussion it’s clear that from the beginning of life our “private parts” seem to mandate a lot in regards to how we live, reaching much further than points on an anatomical chart.

Please join us for an opening reception for the artists on December 4th,  7-10pm

Exhibiting artists:  

John Borstel
Austin Brady
Jackson Bullock
Amanda Calobrisi
Annique Delphine
Jennifer Erny
Genine Familara
Alice Gadzinski
Susan Hensel
Stephanie Kang
Julia Kartush
Keegan  Kuvach
Tisch Lewis
Klaus Pinter
Jessica Pleyel
Heather Saunders
Liz Scofield
Sanh Tran
Vanessa Walilko

The exhibition will run from December 4- January 23, 2015. This event is free and open to the public. Open gallery hours are during exhibitions, Saturdays (noon-3pm), 3rd Thursdays (7-9pm) or by appointment.  For more information, e-mail Rachel at For a full schedule of exhibitions and events at Whitdel Arts, please visit

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