Here / Not Here

On April 29, 2014

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Works by Sophie Eisner Postcard

[WA] emergence gallery Sophie Eisner

Opening Reception: Friday, May 9, 7-10 pm  

Runs May 9 – June 21, 2014  

In Here/Not Here, Sophie Eisner explores how maps do more than facilitate navigation, they create context for experiences. Through a language of colors and lines, maps give a knowable quality to that which, in its entirety, can never be fully known. A map is a shorthand that gives us a way to understand the vastness and complexities of the landscape and situate ourselves within it. Through an understanding of place we develop an understanding of self. I know who I am because I know where I am; I know something happened because I know where it happened.

Every event must have a location and thus as we define landmarks in space, we also define landmarks in time. Eisner’s two and three dimensional works investigate how we draw lines to define and understand space and how maps become thinking tools that help us bridge memory and experience, place and identity.

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