Emerging Artist: Joe Anthony Myrick

On June 23, 2017

Whitdel Arts x Marygrove College
Reception: Friday, June 16th, 6-9pm
June 16th – July 7th, 2017

The Gallery at Marygrove College: Liberal Arts Building (4th floor) 8425 W McNichols, Detroit 48221

Whitdel Arts is proud to present emerging artist, Joe Anthony Myrick. Please join us for an opening reception for the artist on Friday, June 16th at The Gallery at Marygrove College: Liberal Arts Building, 8425 W. McNichols, Detroit

Joe Anthony Myrick is a freelance writer and photographer. He is an English major and Psychology minor who will be graduating from Marygrove College by July 2017. He hopes to make a career as both a writer and a photographer. As a writer, he has contributed a number of articles to a varied list of online publications. Writing happens to be his best skill, but photography also happens to be his greatest passion. He is enamored with seeing the world through a whole new lens and is captivated by re-creating that vision through means of photography.

Artist statement:

Identity is a major theme in my photographs. We are all intensely shaped by outside forces in the world. Our personalities are fine tuned according to how the world views us, how we view ourselves, and how we hope others see us. This leaves for a vast contrast in identity that can feel distorting and overwhelming. This kind of contrast is what I hope to reflect through my art work. The one thing that all of these photographs have in common visually is that they all feature myself, but at the same time, symbolically speaking, each photo shows a different version of myself. Some versions shown in these photographs are somewhat similar while others are significantly different, but at the same time, each photo represents me; whoever that may be and whoever you may think I may be.

This event is free and open to the public. All ages welcome. For more information, e-mail jenclare@whitdelarts.com.  For a more information about Whitdel Arts, please visit www.whitdelarts.com

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