(MAYBE WE’RE LOST) works by Jennifer Belair

On May 30, 2015

June 12- July 25, 2015
Reception: Friday June 12th, 7-10pm


Whitdel Arts is proud to present (MAYBE WE’RE LOST) work by Jennifer Belair in the [WA] emergence gallery. Please join us for an opening reception for the artist on June 12th, 7-10pm.

Through mixed media works Jennifer Belair imaginatively depicts the complex facets of relationships with the self and the self with others. Grounding her work in the validity of recollection, memories are revealed and concealed as images are pushed and pulled throughout the picture plane. Many of the works created for “Maybe We’re Lost” were influenced by living and working in Yellowstone National Park. Her time spent in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem unveiled a new visual language for her work which reflects on the expansive and wild nature of not only the American west but of the self. Mountains, bison, grizzly bears, hatchbacks, cigarettes and too many sad faces tell the stories of her experience. Her drawing evokes a lightheartedness all the while creating introspective spaces. Belair describes it: “Maybe we’re lost is meant to be a suggestive and even an ironic statement. It does not propose a question but merely an explanation. Instead of expecting concrete answers to all those questions in the dark corners of our minds, we should relish in the Joie de vivre.”

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