Partners in Crime

On May 30, 2012

Partners in Crime

June 1st – July 7th

 Reception: Friday, June 1ST, 6-9 pm

Streaming Live Performance at 8 pm

Whitdel Arts presents Partners in Crime, a collaborative exhibition in which local artists were randomly paired to collaborate.

Dynamic duos like Thelma and Louise successfully committed their crimes by making sure they knew how to do one thing – collaborate. These ladies understood that through collaboration, each partner gains from the others’ talents.  This innate quality of partnership is as equally beneficial for artists. When artists work together, it creates the opportunity for networking and the exchange of ideas.  Each artist grows as new avenues of creativity are opened…and new schemes are plotted.


Nicki Butler  &  Jennifer Bellair

Christina deRoos  &  Jen Boyak

Andrew Thompson  &  Thomas Bell

Kelly Flynn &  Anthony Bacon

Jessica Ingolia  &  Jessica Brown

Matt Lachowski  &  Deborah Kashdan

Patricia Nadon  &  Mary Duran

Christina Perez  &  Matthew Hanna

Myett Risker  &  Thomas Bell

Christina deRoos  & Thomas Bell



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