Significant Others: Work by Kia Itchel Arriaga

On July 18, 2013

[WA] emergence gallery

Whitdel Arts-Kia Arriaga (Front)

Significant Others: Work by Kia Itchel Arriaga

August 2  – August 24, 2013

Reception: August 2, 7-10 pm

Whitdel Arts is proud to present Significant Others, new work by Kia Arriaga, in the [WA] emergence gallery. Please join us for a reception for the artist on Friday, August 2, 7-10 pm.

Born in the city of Cuernavaca, Morelos, south of Mexico City, Kia was raised in a culturally rich city, where her artistic influences are drawn from her indigenous (Azteka) and Spanish ancestry. She continues to  study and practice  ancient art, history, philosophy, ceremonial dance and rituals as a member of a traditional Azteka-Mexika dance group. After high school,  she studied Graphic Design and Visual Arts at a private university. Feeling that “something was missing,” she decided to move to the US. In 2003, she entered the Fine Arts program at Wayne State University, specializing in Metalsmithing in order to become a blacksmith and follow her grandfather’s tradition. Kia is the only one in her family to follow in her Grandfather’s footsteps and keep the tradition of ornamental ironwork alive.  She’s currently exploring ceramics and costume design in order to expand her crafts knowledge. Since many art forms are being lost over time, her hope is to return to Mexico and create a space where she can teach the youth and preserve the traditional crafts and art forms.

Artist statement:

“Significant Others looks at the relationship between discordant combinations. Through my work I attempt to straddle my lives, find meaning, find relevance and adorn them  with love. I explore the difference between various cultural lenses, approaches to aesthetics and being in general. Often, what is observed is not what is. Visual artifacts pressed into service as a new  language.”

“My main influences are: Aztek Art & Dance, Religious Art, Decorative Arts, Goth Subculture and Fashion.  When I create, I give importance to the exploration of the process, working with different media to arise curiosity in the viewer.  All of my work serves a purpose and invites the viewer to interact with the piece itself and with others.  My pieces are spiritual, poetic, sensuous, delicate, and sometimes ephemeral.”

The exhibition will run from August 2nd – August 24th.  Open gallery hours are Saturdays during exhibitions, noon-3pm & for Art Detroit Now’s Third Thursday on August 15th from 7-9pm.  For more information, email

A division of CAID, Whitdel Arts is an 1800 sq. ft. professional exhibition space that showcases the work of local and international established and emerging artists.  Whitdel Arts is located at 1250 Hubbard Street, Suite B1, Detroit MI 48209. Whitdel Arts is also located on the web at

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