Summer Selection

On July 13, 2012


Curated by Lauren Montgomery

July 13th – July 28th

No Open Gallery Hours on July 28th

Reception: Friday, July 13th, 7-10pm

Panel discussion begins at 8:15, with guests from Elizabeth Wight’s book, “Detroit Now”

Whitdel Arts presents Summer Selection, a three person show, featuring three

exceptional artists: Elizabeth Wight, Patrick Maguire and Ash Nowak in the areas

of Photography, Painting, and Fine Arts.


E L I Z A B E T H W I G H T, will be releasing her book, Detroit Now. Detroit Now,

features fourteen portraits of up and coming entrepreneurs and creatives of Detroit.

Elizabeth recently awarded the CSA Detroit Art stipend, which nurtured the creation

of Detroit Now. The portraits include an impressive and inspiring group of individuals,

ranging from the owner of Astro Coffee, Daisuke Hughes, to Klotylda Phillippi, U of M

professor and board member on The Grace Boggs Education Project. In addition to a

panel discussion led by three of the featured creatives from Detroit Now, select images

from the book will be displayed for viewing. Paul Manganello, recent recipient of the

2012-2013 Scuola Teatro Dimitri-Switzerland Fulbright and co-founder of Fratellanza

theater company, will join us in a panel discussion. Two other guests from Detroit Now

will also participate in the discussion.


P A T R I C K M A G U I R E – a Michigan native, has recently relocated to Philadelphia

to pursue his MFA at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. Since childhood,

Patrick has bequeathed a gift for tinkering and construction. The dovetailing of these

curiosities has culminated in his creation of unconventional structures through visual

signifiers. Pat will be showcasing a collection of paintings. They feature a beautiful

exploration of geometric shapes and structures, paired with wonderful understanding

and achievement in his use of negative space, soft color palette, and scale. Memory

and previous cognition of habitation are what re-embody and make equable places

possible. Patrick’s paintings trigger parts of remembrance, creating a sense of placid.

In the course of perceiving these constructions. Pat intends to elicit a distinction of



A S H N O W A K is a Detroit visual artist, nightlife engineer, and DJ of the monthly

party Haute to Death. Working in facial features, color fields, and multiples, she strives

to create work that gives a visual, tangible element to the emotions and auras she

experiences via the Motor City and its beautiful residents. Ash’s work explores mixed

media pieces, ranging from custom diamond brooches using gleaned auto glass, a

portrait of Natellie Wood on wood, paintings of her friends inspired by photo booth

portraits, and several other mixed media pieces. Ash’s work is bold and clever, leaving

you with an inspiring collection of textures and emotions of the city.


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