Intimacy, Form and Space Works by Tim Powers

On June 1, 2012

In the [WA] Emergence Gallery

Intimacy, Form and Space

Works by Tim Powers

June 1-11 2012

Reception June 1st 2012, 6-9pm

Artist statement: Object making
My practice is rooted in material exploration and form. Re-tasking, reinterpreting and
transforming ubiquitous material and redirecting the materials expected application into
original forms. My dimensional design and artistic experience are accessed in producing
objects that find their relevance in a mix of function, concept, aesthetics and wonder.
Process is an integral factor in the work as the objects become artifacts of the act. My work
benefits from the struggle and harmony between the material’s will and my own. This fluid
process continues perpetually by way of its unanticipated and unique interaction with each
viewer. Producing unanticipated results, a predominant value of the objects, the pieces
strive to transcend the mere perceptual quality of material and composition.

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